CMC Microsystems


CMC Microsystems has more than 30 years’ experience in delivering multi-project wafer services across a range of technologies, including advanced microelectronics, photonics and MEMS. Based in Canada, CMC reduces barriers to technology adoption by providing access to design tools, prototyping, value-added packaging & assembly services and in-house expertise for first-time-right prototypes. CMC also offers options for dedicated engineering runs and full production wafers in different technologies.


Fabrication Services

CMC offers multi-project wafer services and related fabrication services in a variety of technologies for researchers who intend to create a working prototype. Technology areas include microelectronics, photonics and MEMS.

CMC is a channel partner and MPW wafer reseller of GlobalFoundries (GF), the world’s leading specialty foundry, providing access to GF’s advanced and specialized FinFET, RF SOI, FDX, SiGe, and Silicon Photonics platforms. CMC also offers cost-effective options for full production wafers in GF technology solutions.

CMC offers access to AMF’s silicon photonics fabrication services via its cost-effective multi-project wafer (MPW) program, supporting design and fabrication of a range of components in O-Band and C-Band and systems.

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CAD Services

CMC offers Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools to assist clients to accelerate and improve their design process by using commercial design tools and environments in the areas of microelectronics, MEMS, microfluidics, photonics, and embedded systems.

Recently, CMC launched a Virtual Incubator Environment (VIE) program as a collection of services to enable startups and SMEs to speed up access to product innovation. The program comprises:

  • Access to CAD tools
  • Delivery via CMC Cloud, a protected environment that transforms your laptop into a secure, high-performance design lab
  • Fully configured, installed, and hosted by CMC with continuous software updates to reduce costs and accelerate your start-up
  • Access training courses, webinars, and documentation through CMC

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R&D Services

  • Access to cloud-based FPGA/GPU + CPU clusters that support the latest deep learning frameworks for AI or machine learning and simulation applications
  • 引擎ering support for custom hardware development and prototype fabrication
  • Test equipment and resources for developing and building your technologies
  • Access to 40+ university based fabrication labs in North America for prototyping and collaborative projects
  • CMC具有30多年的经验,微电子协助您与封装,组装及固定要求
  • Collaborative programs to support startups in commercialization of electronic technologies
  • 联系LAB@cmc.cafor details on more options.