OmniChip is a semiconductor company, founded in 2013. We are located in Warsaw – the capital of Poland. Our IC design engineers have from over seven to over eighteen years of experience in design, development and verification of digital and analog integrated circuits. We have also personally prepared and supervised tapeouts, post-tapeout validations and chip characterizations. Our PCB team engineers have over ten years of experience in design of electronic devices including preparation designs for mass production and certifications. We personally supervise engineering tests.

We offer complex design services, from architecture analysis to tapeout and post-tapeout activities: system level architecture modeling and analysis, digital ASIC and FPGA design, synthesis and STA, functional and post-layout verification, analog design, analog layouts with DRC, LVS and LPE, analog verification, tapeout procedures, chip verification, test plan development.

我们很乐意帮助你ny part of the IC design process.


Digital ASIC Design Services

Our digital design services cover all steps of digital IC design process. We offer:

  • architecture design
  • Matlab modelling
  • digital implementation
  • digital verification
  • synthesis and place and route
  • test plan development
  • FPGA原型
  • verification tools design

We are experienced in Low Power Design, Multiple Clock Domains, DSP, RF communication, I2C/SPI/UART communication, memory controllers, control logic and more.

Analog ASIC Design Services

Our analog design services cover all steps of analog IC design process. We offer:

  • architecture design
  • Matlab modelling
  • layout
  • verification
  • post-layout verification

Our experience covers:

– PMU (bandgap, LDO, BOD, CSR, POR, power harvesting)

– 13.56MHz field detectors

– charge pumps

– ROM memories

– 13.56 RF demodulator

– 13.56 RF clock recovery

– oscillators

IP Cores

Power Management Unit (PMU)

Low power NFC PMU contains power harvesting, bandgap, LDO and POR.

It has been silicon-proven and has been used in commercialized product – NFC jamming card (