ON Semiconductor


ON Semiconductor is a world class IDM, driving innovations in energy efficient power solutions, intelligent Sensing and advanced analog interfacing.

The Custom Foundry Services group offers the ON Semiconductor portfolio of CMOS, high performance mixed-signal and high-voltage (BCD and Bipolar) processes used in Industrial, Automotive, Medical, Communications, Consumer, … markets to the design teams in fables companies, design houses and system houses. Additionally you can benefit from the existing ON Semiconductor supply chain.

We develop, on your request, in-house the required services for your IC, covering from wafer delivery up to finished IC’s. We provide in-house qualification, testing, failure analysis etc. We have everything in house for developing your high quality and reliable IC and bring it to the market

Operating a responsive, reliable, world-class supply chain and quality program, and a network of manufacturing facilities, ON Semiconductor Custom Foundry(SM) Services also provide unrivaled pre- and post-tape out services, which include, ESD, latch-up and high temperature characterization, die stitching, planarized passivation, full turn-key from GDS2-entry to qualified finished goods supply, AEC-Q100 qualifications, Radiation Hard and Rad Tolerant design features, Failure Analysis etc.



Global presence ensures accurate and responsive communications between our design partners and customers with the wafer factories in the USA (E.g. Pocatello, Idaho and Gresham, Oregon) and Europe (Oudenaarde, Belgium)

  • Access to a wide range of CMOS, BCD & High Voltage processes
  • Downloadable Design Kits, IP Support via theMyONwebsite

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Our flexible full-service Custom Foundry business model offers our Foundry customers:

  • 晶圆减薄
  • Planarized passivation
  • 基于晶片后处理支援装配挑战
  • 最高缝合晶圆产量在行业中
  • 定制过程安装和改造
  • 短循环处理
  • Backside metallization


Full Turnkey


  • Qualifications for AEC-Q100,…
  • Technologies suitable for Rad-hard design
  • 长期物流订婚。

In House Assembly and Test Development

In addition to our wafer manufacturing, you can use our internal world class backend services supported by our own engineering teams and our in-house factories for certain packages or outsourced where needed.

  • Wafer sort (optional)
  • Packaging (Leadframe based, substrate based and CSP)
  • Final test (Room, Hot and Cold)
  • Packing

In-house Qualification and Failure Analysis Services

Pre-and post-tape out services, which include, ESD, latch-up, HTOL,… and high temperature characterization, Failure Analysis etc.


ON Semiconductor’s has a wide range of discrete high voltage, high power transistors and this makes it ideal to combine with your ASIC in a single package for optimizing area and reliability.

Foundry Process Longevity

ON Semiconductor’s philosophy for process longevity means we keep needed processes around to accommodate your long-term needs. We are committed to supporting long-life products and are dedicated to building long-term relationships. Supporting this is the company’s financial strength and commitment to effective use of resources. As a result, our customers have the confidence to make long-term product decisions without the concern of process obsolescence.